The Key Pillars of Emotional Intelligence we will cover throughout our time together are:

  • The ability to harness the power of our emotions and regulate them.
  • Effectively understand ourselves and each other.
  • Cultivate self empathy and empathy for others.
  • Create mutually rewarding win/wins in all of our relationships.
  • Take responsibility for the effects of our actions and make empowered choices.
  • Discover, honor, and manage your veils of past pain and subpersonalities.
  • Uplift you emotional resonance through connection to a higher power and gratitude.

Our online course includes 24 classes over 3 months (Saturdays at 10 AM PST and an optional Empathy Practice Group on Wednesdays at 6 PM PST). All courses are recorded so you can watch them as often as you like; members have access to the video recordings indefinitely.

Through the course and the year long practice groups, you will learn and apply the essential skills and tools to have greater ease, connection and communication. This will improve ANY and ALL of your relationships: family, friends, co-workers and lover(s).

You will also receive membership to The Love Coach Academy Online Portal. This includes an ever growing library of 50 videos, 20 webinars, 20 audio podcasts and 40 written documents. Members also are welcome to participate in our weekly practice groups, coaching calls and empathy support calls (that go year round). You will also receive special discounts to our retreats, live events and future courses.

There is a private facebook group for the participants of the course, along with the love coaches in the class supporting you. In each class, there is a community that builds quickly as new friendships are formed and people support each other. This course will be limited to a maximum of 45 people and 10 support coaches.

The facebook group and year long practice classes are optional; you can participate to whatever extent you wish to! We create a safe space for people to support each other, share our unique challenges and celebrate our relationship victories.