I recall that during a Love Coach training that you were working with a couple that were ready to throw away and dissolve their relationship. It was quite apparent from their interchange with each other that they absolutely couldn’t stand each other. I thought to myself that no one can help this couple find love for each other. Yet, you were able to bring them into empathy with each other, help them understand each others needs, and before the session was over they were hugging again! You are a Master – Scott!

Steven Vogue

We both feel as if we are soul mates and it seemed as though we might not be able to stay together. After your program we spent a few hours discussing the tools of Compassionate Connections and it opened us both up. We spent hours discussing our current relationship in depth, how much it means to us, and what we can do to take the next step. I feel as if there is another level of relationship available to both of us and working together with this type of communication we can reach that level. Thank you for your work in this area and we are really looking forward to putting this to work in helping us reach that level.

Mark, Georgia

Scott helps parents/children by providing some simple tools that encourage their emotional growth, and he’s a resource for the kid in all of us who may need to be reminded of the joy in our relationships.

Melinda Addie

First of all, Scott’s Compassionate Connections class is the best that I have ever experienced! This is real BIG…to NOW have specific tools that support opportunities to listen, share and make requests. My partner and I have found greater clarity, appreciation and empowerment in our daily lives and are able to have real authentic conversations with a calmness that was not there before. This means that we are connected more intently and are able to finally talk with each other with compassionate boundaries rather than volatile bursts of anger, loudness and a feeling of complete discomfort that was leading us in a downward spiral that we both thought was tragic and hopeless. We’ve truly created a higher level of tolerance, respect and love for one another. We both feel that we’ve been heard and love living in a playing field of unconditional acceptance.

Compassionate Connections will also be a very important pivotal point how we communicate this to our extended families, friends, our communities, and even those for one conversation, like the telephone company operator. They also respect and respond better to someone with compassionate needs, reassurance and understanding rather than someone yelling at them, calling them names and giving threats.

I look forward to experiencing life in a more grander way now that I am using Compassionate Connections. Scott, you are AWESOME!

Arion Jay Goodwin, San Diego, California

Scott has been INSTRUMENTAL in my journey towards cultivating a relationship that matches ME. As a coach with NVC training myself, I admire his high level of skill, persistence, and clarity when in sessions. Scott has a way of bringing conversations back around to their essence and kept us on track when we really needed it, while also allowing space for processing to occur. He has boldly given me feedback and direction which was completely unpalatable at the time, and which fully supported me in having a great life now. Scott has always held a firm respect for both me and my partner while also helping me to see more plainly my part in the matter(s). My work with Scott has been invaluable, has helped me let go when I needed to, and to remember that we are all just doing our best and that we all have precious needs which we are so intent to meet. I highly recommend Scott as a coach!

Karen Perry, Sebastapol, California

Thank you for providing an opportunity to explore ways to communicate compassionately. Scott’s style shows his beautiful, compassionate self and he gave concrete tools to practice from that place within ourselves.

Jim & Ruth Siress, Missouri

It took me years to fully open my heart and it is because I knew I would cry all the time. Now I am in joy and sadness all the time. Scott taught me to celebrate the sadness! The COMPASSION in the room allowed expansion of my heart, the pain was revealed and released – like a load off the chest. It was beautiful to be a part of everyone’s heart state. I am blessed to have been present in the healing space.

Margie, Chicago

Scott, compared to all the other ‘alternative/holistic/metaphysical etc.’ events that I have been to, none have touched me quite as viscerally as you did.Scott, compared to all the other ‘alternative/holistic/metaphysical etc.’ events that I have been to, none have touched me quite as viscerally as you did.

Joan Brown, Las Vegas, Nevada

Thanks for all this yummy information!!! The main thing I’m working on, that you touched on, is finding a new relationship with the past. Having been abused, starting at a young age, I have a lot of triggers, I’m learning. It ranges from if I break something, my hands go up to protect my face to getting angry & shutting down when anyone calls me a variation on my name. I now know why I have those reactions but I am now wanting to NOT have any reactions! As I said, at my ripe age, I finally know real love & intimacy. I’m on my way & have a ways to go, but I’m loving my journey & won’t give up!!!! Thank you again for your inspiration!!!

Jane, San Diego, California

Scott is a wonderful teacher of Compassionate Connections and has been studying and practicing for many years. Scott brings humor, sensitivity, experience and a genuine love of sharing his gifts to all his sessions. This is a wonderful workshop to attend.

Ritch Davidson, Antioch, California

We are still vibrating at a high level with all the amazing and profound awakenings, openings, sharings and insights we had as a result of our time together on Saturday night. I’m feeling such gratitude for you and our new deepening of connection. Some of the reflections are still warming my heart and continue to keep my fire burning with ever-more passion for my life’s calling!

Heather Beth Hall, Monterey, California

Aloha 😉 your calls did the trick for me – I am applying Compassionate Communication and it is working for me. I am loving it

Daniela Gotta, Germany

Hi, Scott, I want to share how much I appreciate your work and support. Although I’m challenged by the path my partner and I have taken of spending two weeks apart, I believe it was the right choice and I appreciate your help in supporting us in seeing that option.
I also appreciate your beautiful articulation of the concept of holding one’s own precious needs in one hand and the other person’s in the other and seeking to balance them. It helps me have a clear way to articulate what I want as part of the foundation of my relationships, in any aspect of life. I can see my relationship history of finding people who deeply enjoyed the way I met their beautiful needs and longings but who were not in a place that they could hold my needs in one hand and theirs in the other.

Regardless of the outcome with my partner, I feel that the work I’ve done with you will help me have greater clarity in looking at relationships and finding people who can meet me in that balance in my life. It also gives me a good way to articulate a balance to my clients and students- that image is a beautiful centered place that doesn’t fall to narcissism or co-dependence, nor people-pleasing.

The piece from our first session about my needing to grieve and mourn my disappointment about my partner not being ready for the steps I was wanting was hugely helpful. I was able to do that and come into greater clarity.

I also found it tremendously valuable to have someone else be the space holder so I could be with myself in terms of the experience. It was a huge relief to have someone with your skill to hold the container and make safe space for me to speak my truth. I can slip into being the space holder and participant in my relationships and, in going through this with my partner, it was keeping me from being as clear as I needed to be.

Katie, San Diego, California

Scott – Whatever planet you come from – I want to go there, live there, be one with your ‘people.’ You have amazing perception, clarity and compassion. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking us on and accepting this challenge. You are beautiful.

Robyn, Marin, California

Dear Scott! We thank you soo much for the fabulous evening! Always inspired by your high level of consciousness, deep healing wisdom and super Light*! much Love~!!!

Sharka, San Francisco, California

Hi Scott, We met at Harbin Hot Springs during one of your workshops. I found the session very helpful and have enjoyed listening to some of your podcasts on UNITY.FM; I am back home in New Jersey, working through a few issues with my 22 year old daughter who is also my employee now that she has graduated from college with a fine arts degree with no major job prospects. Your tools have been valuable in our process.

Lisa, New Jersey

Just want you to know how much meaning you brought into our lives with your workshop. We were both pretty skeptic at first about attending, but it was so much more powerful than we imagined. It has brought a lot of peace into our house which we never thought to be possible.

Aru Tarr, Kentucky

Scott, I just want you to know that it I really appreciate your connecting with me and I feel genuinely cared about by you 😉 you are a beautiful person and very talented facilitator… your passion and gifts are a wonderful service to others and I can see that you get so much joy in helping… I’ve listened to most of your radio shows and just love how you and ‘Shuchi’ Gabrielle provide a live example to us all. Compassionate Communication in action.. You are the real deal and I feel blessed to be on your list!

Laura Peters, Marin, California

Thanks for showing me and the group yesterday the potential for compassion and empathy inside each one of us. You mirror the universal Love that is our true nature. ~hugs and gratitude

Linda, San Diego

I wanted to make sure you knew how incredibly blessed and thankful I am to have met you. I have recently had a struggle determining the true intent of new people I have met, and have been somewhat saddened by the inauthenticity of people I have looked to for guidance, learning and friendship. However, you have warmed and filled my heart with your trueness, your generosity and your pure delight in living an authentic life. I am so blessed to know you (my eyes just filled with tears!!), and I hope this week is just the beginning of a life long friendship.

Heather Collins, Louisville, Kentucky

My prayers go out to you while on your journeys. I had such a great time talking to you! Multiple times everyday since we’ve talked, Ive been reflecting on all that we talked about. I am taking the time to breath and reassess the situation from the perspective of the giraffe. It has helped me see all sides to my conversations, though I’m still trying to work on my inner Jackal. Just who you are has inspired me so much, just your positive vibe has helped me feel so relaxed. Sometimes I feel like I’m walking on eggshells when I’m talking to other spiritually oriented people, but I just felt a ‘realness’ from you that really touched my core. I so hope I get the chance to be in your presence again; you have touched my life in such a positive way. I thank you so much.

Cole Alexander, Louisville, Kentucky

Scott creates very good energy and safe space to really go deep into feelings and emotions with the intent to clear out blockages in effective communication

Charlie Sloan, San Diego, CA

I am Loving you as a friend and for the EFFECTIVE tools that you share with such heart. These tools and this conscious way of communicating gives me GREAT hope that peace is indeed possible!

Kim Summers-Bates, Louisville, Kentucky

Scott, We are sending you gratitude in amounts untold! You reach the heart! And,the tools that you teach by means of NVC touches our core. This work just gets to the ROOT of it all doesn’t it?!

Kim, Beth, Manny & Sophie, Louisville, Kentucky

Scott your workshop was amazing, I feel so much more capable and confident to be able to say what I need to in a productive way as well as have compassion for another persons intent.

Skye, Los Angeles, California

I just wanted to give you a super big THANKS for our connection and your impact on me as a CC “sharer”. Our last session gave me so much food for thought — it was a feast! One concrete thing that touched me was your baby jackal! I loved him! I have a baby giraffe puppet with a similar allure that I intend to use in my ‘puppet shows’.

David McCain, San Diego, California

I have know Scott Catamas for over 12 years. His skills as a teacher and practitioner of Compassionate Communication are of a high level of mastery. He is truly gifted. I strongly recommend him as a teacher, counselor and guide

Lumina Love

I highly recommend Scott. His sensitivity and compassion combined with his deepening in the techniques of Nonviolent or Compassionate Communication make for a very powerful workshop and is time well spent if you want to improve your communication skills and relationships.

Sue Crane, San Diego, California

Dear Scott, A belated, but very sincere ‘thank you’ for teaching in San Diego. I get so much from your work. I appreciate your honoring my request to have a class that night. I think, for me, the biggest ‘Ah ha’ was the ‘Care-Thermometer’ (‘Care-o-meter’?) & checking to be sure that you are in a place of caring for yourself and the other before making any decision. It seems so obvious ~ once you see it. That and I know that one of the teachings has to do with being able to hear NO and to say NO. However, after that evening, I also realized that it can be difficult to hear YES (amazing) Wishing you much success with your radio show & I look forward to your next visit to San Diego.

Sharon Hinckley, San Diego, California

I love this man… He is a brilliant facilitator of connection and communication. come prepared to be in your hearts and have deeper connection to self and others!

Lakshmi Nina, San Rafael, California

Thank you Scott for your ongoing coaching and care. We had a really good talk last night. We are doing better than I thought and the and tools of Compassionate Connections is really helping. It’s not about blame anymore but helping each other figure stuff out. We talked about our most difficult issue and I just listened instead of getting defensive. I really am looking forward to seeing you when you next come down, and I’d love to know any classes you’ll be teaching. I have been listening to your radio who archives and they are so good at keeping me focused. Thanks so so much for bringing this to everyone, I have this vision of holding classes for kids that are struggling with self issues. What a different world it would be. But I’m just focusing on me right now, getting myself to keep on track.

Kailey, S. California

We are so grateful to have you as a coach. We are doing great, giving appreciation and love. Also remembering about taking space. We never would have realized what a match we are and how our external situation is so challenging without you. We are celebrating all we have accomplished and how we can expand and manifest the type of relationship we want.

Aspen & Mark, Founders of Conscious Dancer Magazine

I have listened to every show on my ipod;-))) thank you Scott!” I am really appreciating the immense value of the work! Thank you so much for sharing your great teaching talents and passions for the benefit of all….

Laura Peters, Marin, California

Vladi and I LOVE what Scott Catamas and his wife Gabriele teach about managing differences in the relationship. Real stuff that WORKS…and it’s all PLAY too!

Olga, San Francisco, California

Scott is a masterful guide in the intimate realms of the heart. I HIGHLY recommend his workshop for any beloveds who have experienced a loss of love in relationship. You can find the flame again… it’s not lost, it’s only hidden… and Scott can help you to re-discover and re-kindle the flame… or simply help you to keep it burning bright!

Jill, Los Angeles, California

I attended the Compassionate Communication workshop last night and I am just left speechless… Scott Catamas is an amazing teacher. What touched me the most was his compassionate and loving attitude towards each one of us. Everyone in the class received a personal gift to take away from that night and hearing about each others gifts gave everybody the chance to share and learn from each other. Last night made me a better person. How often can one claim that? I wish to share it with the whole world and hope that many people will grab this opportunity to come and join me. THANK YOU!!!

Elen, Las Vegas, Nevada

I loved meeting you! I came home flying telling everyone about my wonderful new discovery and your workshop! I cant wait to learn more!!!!

Jody Moore, Oakland, California

I wanted to say thank you for your workshop that I attended Sunday. I truly appreciate it and fear that my words will fall short in trying to get across how meaningful it was for me. My mind Is making all these new connections on how this material can work in my life. I’m feeling a lot. I’m sure much more will come up as I learn more, but I just wanted to let you know that your presence was inspiring to me. I see a man who can access his emotions from a place of strength and realness and honesty, and that’s what I am learning to be. I feel like you’ve helped me see possibilities that I didn’t know where there, and that’s exciting.

Beau, San Diego, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions Scott shared at Grace House. I am more aware of my thoughts and am seeing some changes in my habits. Scott has a gift that breaks down the barriers to communications and gets to the heart of the matter. His energy is contagious and I am looking forward to his workshops in the spring.

Jan Gallagher, Overland Park, Kansas

I just wanted to drop you a message to let you know how profoundly you touched my life and helped me to start to begin a new way of living. I have started working with a trainer three days a week which feels really good. I am reading Dr. Rosenberg’s book on NVC and am working to practice everyday the many wonderful things that I learned from you. I hope that we will be able to meet again when you are in town. My best to you.

Lori Scott, Louisville, Kentucky

Scott is an amazing teacher, that anyone would be lucky to have the chance to learn from…. and he will be in town soon! If you are available, I highly suggest you go to this workshop! Make sure to let him know you’ll be attending, and invite anyone who you think would be interested!!!

Abby Adams, Louisville, Kentucky

I just wanted to say thank you for the time you’ve spent with me this week. I can already see a difference in myself. This morning I was cleaning up the house a little (the regular dishes, laundry,…) and started to feel anxious. Then I started thinking about the babysitter coming over this afternoon. Just the thought of someone coming in my house made me start to feel embarrassed and that I would never get the house clean enough. I stopped and realized I was judging myself. The babysitter doesn’t care how clean my house is. And I’m doing the best I can. That TOTALLY changed my day. Instead of running around like a crazy person, getting angry and yelling at the kids, then going to the yoga workshop all stressed out, I had a more productive, relaxed day. I feel good! So much less stress! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!

Jessica, Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you for presenting your workshop. When I left on Saturday night, I knew I had enjoyed the evening and knew the information was very valuable. Sunday morning I discovered that for the first time in my life someone heard and acknowledged the deep pain behind my story of ‘not being liked or accepted’ Your compassionate listening shifted my world. You are a beautiful soul (and I might add an attractive man on the physical plane) and I so appreciate your work and thank you for hearing me. I am looking forward to seeing you again and becoming more proficient with Compassionate Communication.

Carol Lollis, Kansas City, Missouri

Hi Scott, Thanks for supporting us. Yes, the shift you facilitated has made a noticeable difference in my life. I feel stronger and more confident. I have been getting flash insights into the type of relationships I have attracted and the negative habitual behavior that created them. I am starting to see someone new, the kind-hearted man who was also in the workshop that day. He’s truly the sweetest man I’ve ever known. Much love and gratitude for you love, kindness and compassion.

Linda, San Diego, California

I took your workshop around Memorial Day at Harbin. My fiancee and I had gotten engaged that weekend and thought Compassionate Communication would be a really good way to start our engagement. I’m sure that doesn’t happen too often, so I think you’ll remember us. We have been using the tools and it is making such a huge difference for us. Maybe it was because we took the course together and really loved it, maybe it was the puppets, but we’re able to use the language and skills with a lot of laughter. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!!

Newly engaged, Middletown, California

Everyone of your workshops touches me so deeply. As a mother of two, as I watched you work with the family, I had tears in my eyes. I love your work, and I love to work with you. Thank you for combining your DEEP CARE & COMPASSION with the WISDOM of these tools.

Kika, San Jose, California

Dearest Brother; Just would like to let you know again just how much I appreciate your nurturing & compassionate way in which you share with us and so many. The Art of Compassionate Connections which we have been putting into practice. To be able to listen and give empathy is so heart expansive that the love my beloved and I share is a testament to just how the work you do is so powerful and near and dear to our hearts. Thank you again for being all that you are and all the support that you continue to share with us. Love, Your friend, Ramu

Ramu, Middletown, California

Thank you so much for the care you took with my family. That was truly a memorable session yesterday. You really reached out to us with skill, connection, care and of course, compassion.

Marsha Mayer, Millbrae, California

My friend, You are amazing. Thank you for making a difference in my life and the life of everyone you come in contact with. You are definitely making the world a beautiful place to live by touching one person’s heart at a time. Many blessings

Afshin Alan Farr, San Diego, California

Dear Scott, We are so grateful for all you have done for our family. I will begin to hold practice groups and get into the Compassionate Connection tools much more deeply. You are an inspiration of what we can all be when living fully in love and compassion. I’m so glad we’ve met and hope to offer your workshops again in the future.

Linda, Carlsbad, California

Scott Catamas came to Vegas to teach us all about Non Violent Communication. My husband Nathan and I drove 2 hours each way from St. George, Utah to attend. What the night’s class became was an exploration into the gifts each of us there had been born with, are beginning to remember, and such great growth, love and validation ensued. We are making the 4 hour round trip to see Scott again.

Monique, St. George, Utah

Scott, everybody can benefit from your dynamic tools for joyful relationships. Congratulations with this meaningful work! May these tools be passed onto the children. Joyfull relationships make better marriages, make healthier families, healthier children, healthier society. Thank you for your sacred mission. Let me know when you are coming back to LA.

Ariayana Gibbon, Los Angeles, California

I cannot tell you the amount of influence you have had on my life since our first meeting, it’s pretty amazing. I just had the pleasure of helping a friend through a challenging situation worksheet and I was able to log on to your website and forward the worksheets along with our answers to their email after we went through the steps. Wow, what an awesome career path you have chosen! It gave me chills and I’m sure your experiences are much more intense than this, but I am grateful for the resources you have provided us.

Carly Playford, Lexington, KY

I would say good luck but I know it is love that is carrying you. Your gifts with Compassionate Connecting and truth sharing has transformed my life.

Toni, N. California

Scott, Words don’t seem to convey the absolute gratitude I feel for having you in my life. Your brilliance today was more than miraculous – you have such an incredible gift! You have most likely, in one session, saved me from years and years of torment. Your compassion has set the tone for the following weeks and months ahead. I know this is only the first step, and there is much work for me in the future. But I am convinced now, more than ever, that this process is the win/win/win I was trying to picture for my family. I am indebted to your service, and I couldn’t possibly come close to thanking you enough.

Robyn, Novato, California

We both feel as if we are soul mates and it seemed as though we might not be able to stay together. After your program we spent a few hours discussing compassionate communication and it opened us both up. We spent hours discussing our current relationship in depth, how much it means to us, and what we can do to take the next step. I feel as if there is another level of relationship available to both of us and working together with this type of communication we can reach that level. Thank you for your work in this area and Heather and I are really looking forward to putting this to work in helping us reach that level.

Mark & Heather Palmer in Georgia

Hi Scott, I am glad you are coming back to Del Mar. Just wanted to let you know what a great impact you have had on my life- probably one of the greatest single positive influences. Love, John

John Hochman, Del Mar, California

I’ve attended a session like this and it was AMAZING how well the children understood Scott’s teachings. The tools of compassionate communication are transformational and Scott is an engaging presenter.

Barb Friedland, Kentucky

I’ve watched Scott’s tools heal relationships in several cities around the US. His invitation to host a new UNITY radio show is a testimonial to his ability to impart these skills. It has been such a privilege for me to help Scott connect with new friends in Louisville. As each of you know, these tools are highly effective and we love to connect to new people. I highly encourage anyone who cares to create more peace in themselves and in their relationships to attend the workshop that is right for you.

Pam Vitaz, Louisville, Kentucky

oooooh Scott, Wonderful that you are coming back here! I am so excited! Your previous lessons have brought me more insight to my relationships and myself. I would love to have more exposure to what you teach. I will help spread the word. Thank you sooo much! Namaste, Florence

Florence, Las Vegas, Nevada

Scott, I had such a great time with you. What a good group we had. I do look forward to the next opportunity to be with you and continue to learn. I keep thinking of the quote that you shared about what motivates individuals to commit terrible acts; attempting to satisfy a precious need.

Miranda Nelson, Santa Cruz, California

Last night was an inclusive heart-opening experience. Thank you for pulling together so many gifted healers for our Santa Cruz family. I would definitely recommend this playshop to others!

Toni Chappelli, Santa Cruz, California

Dear Scott. You are such an amazing, inspiring person. Keep spreading peace and joy and love to the many relationships you work your magic with. Thank you for your sage words and deep compassion. You are greatly loved by our family and community.

Monique Darling, San Diego, California

Beloved, so appreciate you and Shuchi at Harbin on Sunday…also we watched your new video today and had such a great heart sharing with all the tools you so brilliantly relate with love and grace….so grateful for both of your compassionate and shining souls in our lives…love to you both

Sahaja Rose, Middletown, California

Dear Scott, Hurray! I’m learning how to slow down my thoughts when I get triggered and react in ways in which I take fully responsibility for my own feelings and needs. Recognizing the story that isn’t true, and finding the feelings and needs underneath the story. I now see, when a fight is empowered: this is when , my trigger makes me tell the story as if it is the truth. Then there is a great possibly that my story has a negative energy pointed at my husband, and he will feel attacked. I see that I must be very alert, otherwise the trigger will make me say or do things that cause harm. When I slow down, I can see the trigger and choose not for REACTION but for more harmonious ways to CONNECT. I can see this clearly now, and I feel glad and wanted to celebrate this by writing it down.

Thank you for your extraordinary coaching. I have hope again, and our home is becoming a harmonious and happy place again. Love, Jolien

Jolien, Netherland

Hey Scott, I just wanted to check in and let you know that I am SOOOOO appreciating you … things are really shifting with my partner and me. I think you can take a lot of the credit for facilitating that. I am really appreciating the sense of connection I am feeling with my parnter. We are looking forward to more unfolding, with your assistance.

Laurie, Novato, California

My beloved and I are doing GREAT! Your words, your connection and your presence are like MAGIC. Just what we needed and still need. We love you and are raving fans of your work. We are hoping to make it to your weekend workshop. `Thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Gary, San Mateo, California

Thank You Scott ! Your work is manifesting many miraculous things. Thank You for all your love, care and generosity of heart. Best wishes.

Chris Seidel, Bay Area, California