Meet Your Relationship Experts

Scott Catamas

Love Coach Scott provides a safe and powerful container of love for transformation, empowerment and building harmony is relationships. He has the ability to identify and re-pattern hindering core patterns, beliefs that hold people back from their true nature of love.

His passion is helping couples to remember the love and reignite passion and intimacy in their relationship. Scott has a deep appreciation for the complexity of relationship and embrace all aspects of the human experience. His work is profound, playful and fun!

Scott is a multiple EMMY award winning writer and producer of educational television, and an Internationally acclaimed speaker and teacher. He has produced over 100 nationally broadcast shows and segments for HBO, SHOWTIME, UPN, NBC, FOX and PBS. He wrote and produced the groundbreaking feature film MEN IN LOVE. Scott is also the founder of THE LOVE COACH ACADEMY which trains relationship coaches and provides Scott’s unique relationship skill building tools to thousands.
Since the start of the Pandemic, Scott has hosted & produced over 300 online shows that help to inform and inspire planetary transformation.


Anuprabha is certified by CIIS, (California Institute of Integral Studies), as a Sound, Voice, & Music Therapist in 2007. She received a certificate in traditional Chinese Medicine in Pune, India in 1978. She also has been certified by the Twilight Brigade to be of service for End of Life Support.Anuprabha is a trained Love Coach Academy Teacher and a Love, Relationship, Somatic Release Transformational Coach.

Anuprabha has been a percussionist and vocalist for the past 30 years playing with various bands throughout Europe, Asia and America. Anuprabha’s current Bhakti -Rock band Deva Seva is focused on being of service through music.

“Anuprabha is a Senior Love Coach. Specifically, a Love Coach Academy Coach. She’s a wonder of creation, alive, creative, wise and powerfully spiritual. Her compassion is the key. She has innately learned to hold space and energy, to drop into your essence and current vibrations, bringing wisdom and love to your needs, questions and stresses. Anuprabha is a wellspring of practical tools, insights and most of all, definitely hears, feels and senses who you are, where you are without judgement. Whether you’re in a temporary funk, at death’s door, or in a knotty relationship issue that feels like there’s no light ahead, she will gracefully, ease her way into your vibrational state, sense you like the skilled intuitive she is and draw forth just the right, simple but essential lessons, insights or tools for you to use.Her directness comes from years of study and life experiences. Her spiritual positivity will delight your senses. Her compassion will soothe your soul. Her practical suggestions will transform your troubled mind. Step into her space and breathe and let her into yours. You might want to thank me, but no, thank Anuprabha. I thank her.”

Katrina Vaillancourt

Katrina Vaillancourt is a Certified Sex Educator and Candidate Trainer of Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC). She specializes in empowering people to connect with and embody their deepest heart values in romantic, parenting, work, and friendship relationships, supporting full authenticity and harmony while navigating and honoring differences. Her toolbox includes NVC, guided meditations, breathwork, journaling practices, compassionate inquiry, inner child work, mediation, internal dialogues (intra-mediation), and role-play. She is an artist and creator of Love Smart Cards, an educational and practical application tool that aids in the rapid development of emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, gratitude, conflict resolution and character cultivation. Her theme is “co-creating a world of win/wins.”

You can learn more about Katrina at

Jessica Osterday

Jessica Osterday is a Trauma-Informed Life Coach and Brainspotting Practitioner, trained in science-based therapies for heart-based healing. She leads her clients through powerful self-transformations at a deep and integrated level, using scientifically-based somatic techniques within the framework of deep attunement, intuition and compassion. Her work provides a fast track for those who are ready to create new possibilities in life.To schedule a consultation

Trish Wright

Trish Wright is a vibrant, heart-centered life-lover! She has over 10 years of experience as a trauma-informed Self-Love, Codependency, and Certified Sex Coach. Her life has taken her on quite the spiritual journey! Starting as a timid, innocent Montana girl, she has gone through multiple challenging life experiences and relationships, including abuse, assault, addiction and codependency. Through these many personal incarnations, Trish has transformed into an ambitious and empathetic relationship coach and One Love Foundation educator.

She believes that cultivating healthy connection with self and others will weave aliveness and sensuality in all areas of one’s life. With the connection to the breath being most sensual; the most sacred. Her fields of study and expertise include:

  • Holotropic Breathwork
  • Embodied Gestalt
  •  Non-Violent Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Sourcing
  •  Humanistic Behaviorism
  • BDSM
  • Tantra

She integrates these together in a perfect tapestry suited to each client’s specific needs.

Trish supports her community in developing skills of RADICAL ACCEPTANCE through practices of empathy, self-sourcing, and forgiveness. She understands that each one of us can learn to love our shadow and love more vastly by welcoming the shadows of others. Her current path is to empower people of all ages to take ownership of their perspective and live in their true sovereign choice, while staying in deep connection.

She delights in illuminating the inner core of each person’s inherent strengths while empathizing with their challenges. She walks the beauty path of life, honoring the sacred in ourselves and each other.

“I believe relationships are the greatest wealth we have, compassionate presence and personal awareness can change the world, and we reach our highest potential one small, courageous step at a time.”

For more information about Trish’s work or watch The Self Love Show and The Awakening World: (tba)

“These tools will help you with all of your relationships. They are simple to learn, but require some discipline to practice. I find that the positive results which my clients receive inspire them to be more compassionate. This includes self-empathy and acknowledging one’s own needs & feelings.” – Scott Catamas

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