Roadmap for LCA Master Class

The Content of this Course includes the Essential tools and practices that have been developed over the past 15 years. Scott has helped thousands of people and hundreds of couples throughout the United States and abroad with having loving and harmonious relationships. Scott is the gratitude intelligence coach, his gratitude teachings, intermingled with compassion communication, provide a unique set of tools and additional practices to the course..

Preparation Before we Start:

  • Participants define their personal intentions, goals and objectives;
  • Participants are given access to the Love Coach Academy Online Membership Portal and may review essential videos to bring them up to speed on the basics.

Primary Objectives: What we most want YOU to learn, understand, and get out of the course.

  • We are leaving the world of right/wrong, good/bad, Victim-Perpetrator Dynamics when it comes to relationships. We are embracing the world of feelings and needs/values/longings.
  • We balance self care with care for others. We practice self empathy as well as compassion for others.
  • How to manage your emotions in ways that fully honor your self while remaining connected to others.
  • We are taking 100% responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and needs.

WEEK ONE: Introduction to the Course, the Teachers and Each Other

  • Creating a safe and heart centered container for our journey together.

  • Introduction of the LCA online membership site & what participants can access.

  • Setting Intentions for our relationship to this course.

  • Agreements and Guidelines to help our container feel safe and secure.

  • Each person introduces themselves through the “What’s Alive in Me” practice.

  • Reviewing the “Foundational Pillars”of Compassionate Connections.

WEEKS TWO AND THREE : Understanding and Caring for Myself More Fully

  • What is my current relationship to Self-Love, Self-Care and Self-Sourcing?

  • Taking 100% responsibility for my experience of life.

  • “What am I Telling Myself”: Exploring how our thoughts create our experience.

  • Changing the Neurological pathway from reptile brain to frontal lobe responsiveness.

  • Moving from our head to our heart, even when we are challenged.

  • Differentiating between our thoughts, feelings, and needs/values.

  • Finding the Gift in our Pain.

WEEK FOUR: The Healing Power of Empathy for Self and Others

  • Empathy and Compassion can heal the most fractured relationships.

  • Understanding and practicing self empathy.

  • Understanding and practicing different forms of empathy for others.

  • Understanding and practicing different forms of empathy for others.

WEEK FIVE: Cultivating and Building our Emotional Intelligence

  • What is Emotional Intelligence (aka: E.Q.) and why is it so important?

  • The specific qualities of E.Q.
  • Where do I stand when it comes to embodying E.Q.
  • How to cultivate E.Q.
  • Discernment vs Judgment, and choosing important relationships wisely.

WEEKS SIX and SEVEN : Taking Responsibility for What we Create in our Life

  • What is our role in the conflicts and challenges of our life?
  • How to identify and transform victim thinking and languaging.
  • What roles do we play in the Codependency triangle?
  • How to shift from co-dependent enmeshment into empowered relating.
  • Identifying painful repeating patterns and turning them around.

WEEK EIGHT : Managing Triggers and Difficult Behaviors

  • Identifying triggers & finding the treasure within.
  • Understanding what is really going on under difficult behaviors.
  • Practices to let go of enemy images and share impact to create deeper understanding.
  • How to talk about really hard stuff and come away feeling empowered and connected.
  • Learn how to pivot from judgment and criticism into compassion & understanding.

WEEK NINE: Honoring and Managing our Past Pain

  • What are our “Veils of Past Pain” (how past wounding affects us in present time)
  • Honoring and Managing our own wounding & triggers with compassion.
  • How to use conflict as a way to grow closer into greater understanding.
  • Intro on how to manage your subpersonalities and trauma for greater compassion and self-love.

WEEK TEN : How to Set Boundaries with Compassion

  • Identifying, setting, and maintaining your personal boundaries.
  • How to stop fighting & escalation by taking connected timeouts.
  • Creating Win-Win Situations when at all possible.
  • How to hear and say “NO” without guilt or shame.
  • How to differentiate Requests vs Demands.

WEEK ELEVEN : Making Empowered Requests to get your needs met!

  • Learn the different forms of requests.
  • Gain clarity and courage to speak up for your needs.
  • How to turn around rejection when the other says, “No.”
  • Learn what do-able and non-do-able requests are in your relationships.

WEEK 12: Integration and Completion of our Time together

  • The importance of celebrating & appreciating ourselves and others.
  • The equal importance of acknowledging & mourning unmet needs and values.
  • The power of reassurance for self and others.
  • Setting our ongoing commitments and accountability.